White Diamonds Crystal Case SWAROVSKI Elements for iPhone SE 5s & 5 Trinity Mint

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Official White Diamonds Trinity Case SWAROVSKI Elements For iPhone SE 5s & 5 Trinity Mint  
This case not only looks great but will protect your iPhone from accidental bumps, scrapes and drops, keeping your iPhone looking as good as it did when you bought it. Scratch resistant coating keeps the case looking great. The scratch resistant coating of the case will keep it looking as great as it did when first put on. 
The transparent nature of the case lets the original features of the iPhone show through. Slim, form fitting design with easy access to all ports. It features a slim form fitting design with a simple snap on design, meaning installation and removal of the case is simple. 
It also has cut-outs for the various ports and features of the iPhone, meaning the case will not have to be removed to use the iPhone.. 
White Diamonds is an expert in the field of individual product customisation. In order to guarantee the authenticity of the used crystals, White Diamonds is authorised to use the label "Made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS". 
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is the premium brand for the finest crystal elements manufactured by Swarovski. With more than a hundred years’ experience of high-quality craftsmanship and mastery in cutting, the company produces light-filled crystals of breath-taking range and brilliance.  
White Diamonds use XILION Rose for most of their designs as it offers the most brilliant cut on the market. Absolute purity, maximum-precision cut, individual quality control and unmatched brilliance make these crystal elements the premium brand for fine loose cut crystals. Every single crystal is applied to the customised cases by hand. 
White Diamonds pursue a holistic quality approach which means they work in all areas with the utmost diligence, in order to deliver the best product quality and brilliant designs. White Diamonds secure their standards by using professional crystal application, design competence and quality assurance.  
White Diamonds inspect each product that leaves their production facility by hand to ensure the highest quality. Additionally, independent, external inspectors appraise the quality of their products. This facilitates a neutral and profound assessment of the product quality.