V-Auto Car Tracker Safety SOS System 2G GPS OBD Installation V-SIM By Vodafone

  • £24.99

V-Auto Car Tracker Safety SOS System 2G GPS OBD Installation V-SIM By Vodafone

V-Auto by Vodafone Extra Info
Monthly subscription fee £4.00
V-Sim by Vodafone included
Monthly paid subscription & terms apply
Auto SOS only works in your home country and not when you’re abroad
The V-Sim Price Promise means you’ll never be charged more than the agreed monthly price. You can also pause you next month’s subscription at any time
V-Auto plugs into your car’s On-Board Diagnostics port
V-Auto works with most cars made after 2003.

V-Auto by Vodafone
V-Auto by Vodafone transforms your car into a smart car with the use of a V-Sim. Making your journeys safer and more connected than ever before; giving you reassurance that you and your loved ones are safe when on the roads.

When you or a loved one is out on the road, safety is never far from your thoughts. Have peace of mind knowing that if you’re in a serious collision, Auto SOS will call you to see if you need emergency services. This happens when Auto SOS detects if there has been a serious collision, notifying Vodafone’s trained agent who can call to check if you and your family are okay or arrange help, if needed.

Be reassured about where your car is, where it’s going and where it’s been with Find My Car and My Trips. V-Auto by Vodafone has the ability to show you the routes you and your loved ones have taken, all at your fingertips. My Trips gives you a detailed view of every journey, from your route, to how long it took. So, you can look back at where you’ve been and plan a more efficient journey for the future. If you’ve lost your car, V-Auto will be able to track where it is, and show you on a map, and whether it’s parked or on the move. Find My Car will offer you directions to your cars location by foot, car or even public transport when you’re in areas with Vodafone’s network and GPS Coverage.

Encourage safer driving by using the V-Auto app to see how safe you and all your family members drive on the road. It’s natural to worry that your loved ones might not be driving as safely as they should be, particularly if you have a new driver in the family. With V-Auto, you can encourage better driving by tracking and comparing scores to the rest of the V-Auto community. With Driver Safety Score, you can rest easy knowing that you’re all being as safe as possible when on the roads.