Tractive Dog GPS Tracker Lightweight and Waterproof Dog Tracking Device

  • £29.99

Tractive Dog GPS Tracker –Lightweight and waterproof dog tracking device with unlimited range

SUBSCRIPTION PLAN NEEDED - starting at only £ 3.33 / month with different subscription plans available. Similar to your cellphone, this low fee ensures you the best cellular service possible with an integrated SIM card. 
TRACTIVE Dog GPS Tracker - Lightweight & waterproof GPS pet tracker, recommended for pets above 9 pounds. The robust dog finder easily attaches to any collar or harness. 
LIVE TRACKING - Pinpoint the real-time location of your furry friend when it matters most and share it with family and friends. A full location history of your pet is just one of many special features. 
VIRTUAL FENCE - define a safe area and get an instant notification if your pet leaves the area. Dog tracking has never been easier. 
WORLDWIDE LOCATION TRACKING - Use your Tractive GPS pet collar attachment in over 150 countries; manage all features and access your pet's location via the free Tractive GPS app or in any browser. Tractive has no range limitation unlike any other bluetooth GPS dog collar attachments. 
RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - the Dog GPS tracker recharges in only 2 hours with a battery life of 2-5 days.

The Tractive GPS dog tracker is not only waterproof and robust, it also enables you to view your pet’s location from anywhere, anytime. You can track your furry friend in real time - without limits. Access the location history on your smartphone and enjoy many more fun features together with your pet. It’s definitely time for new adventures - so get your Tractive pet tracker. Tractive GPS products can be used with cats and dogs almost anywhere in the world. Regardless of whether you are travelling or at home. Even if you live close to the border, Tractive GPS trackers will use the best available cellular network. Simply attach the Tractive gps tracker to the collar, start LIVE tracking and receive geofence alerts.