Tech21 Samsung S8+ Evo Tactical Military Drop Protection Case Cover Black

  • £8.99

Tech21 Evo Tactical Military Drop Ultra thin Protection Case Cover Samsung S8+  

Advanced drop protection 
A new device. A new opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s possible with our Evo Tactical. Thanks to FlexShock™, an ultra-efficient impact absorbing material, and an all new 3-layer impact absorption system, Evo Tactical now offers 3m/9.9ft drop protection. This turns your fear of breaking your phone into a carefree attitude that makes life that much more fun.  

Ultra-thin and lightweight 
FlexShock™ is so efficient that we didn’t need much of it to offer great protection, making Evo Tactical ultra-thin and lightweight.  

Easy on. Easy off. 
No damage So that you can give your phone a quick clean or switch between cases without causing any damage, we’ve designed Evo Tactical to be easy to install and remove.