Samsung Galaxy S9+ Silky Soft Touch Stylish Silicone Smooth Cover Case - Black

  • £7.99

Official Samsung Galaxy S9+ Silky Soft Touch Silicone Cover Case - FREE UK DELIVERY 

* Official Samsung Product
* Retail Packaging
* Shock protection 
* Soft touch 
* Microfiber interior 
* Smooth silicone coating 

Silky and Soft-Touch Silicone Finish Cover 
The curves of the Galaxy S9+ already feel great in your hand, and this smooth cover just adds to that. It snaps on to provide durable protection, with a soft microfiber interior cradling your phone. 
Snap on the case to provide an extra layer of durability. The cover holds your phone firmly, absorbing any shocks and preventing damage. 

Soft Touch 
Galaxy S9+'s curves already feel great in your hand. 

Microfiber Interior 
The Silicone Cover has a soft microfiber interior protecting your phone from external shock. 

Smooth Silicone Coating 
This hard-shell back cover with smooth silicone coating amplifies the comfort. The matte finish is silky and soft to the touch.