Profigold High performance Home Cinema Optimizer DVD lens Cleaner

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Product Details
Profigold High performance Home Cinema Optimizer DVD lens Cleaner 
Specifically designed to safely clean DVD laser lenses. The Clean process removes dirt and dust build-up on the lens of the DVD  player that causes audio and video dropout and distortion.  
DVD Lens Cleaner 
  • Cleaning the laser lens helps maintain the life of the DVD, as well as improves image and sound playback 
  • Clean Process, featuring Zero Clearance Technology, removes dust, dirt, and debris 
  • DVD lens cleaner and menu-driven calibration guide ensures superior DVD player performance and movie experience. 
  • Optimise Audio and Visual Playback with a Clean Laser Lens 
  • Brand: Profigold 
Skipping, freezing and distortion are not always caused by dirty or scratched discs. Often, a dirty laser lens in your disc player or game system is the cause of playback problems. Even if your disc plays, a dirty lens can prevent information from being read clearly, resulting in reduced audio and/or video quality. For optimal performance, laser lens cleaning is recommended after every 40 hours of use, or every three months.