OtterBox Samsung Galaxy S10e Symmetry Series Cover Drop Protection Case Purple

  • £12.99

OtterBox Symmetry Series Cover for Samsung Galaxy S10e Drop Protection Case Purple

- Otterbox certified fall protection + 
- Slim protection in modern design 
- This slim protective cover provides a reliable protection of your Device, suitable for your personal style. 
- Scratch-proof 
- Simple installation. 
- Pocket friendly 
- Elegant Design 
- Display protection

Otterbox certified fall protection + We tested. Developed for you. We have an engineering team, whose passion of OtterBox is really great to develop products. Our continuous efforts in the areas of development and design have already to more than 300 patents. We test each design/material and ensure that our products meet the requirements of everyday life. Each design must be on average more than 238 test hours and more than 24 different tests. 

Fall hard
Two protective layers protect your mobile phone against falls, impact and shock 

Ensures that your mobile phone the adversities of everyday life spotless survives. 

Simple installation. 
Easy Installation: The slim one-piece design enables easy installation.

Pocket friendly: Can be easily converted into the bag and take out again 

Elegant Design: glides easily in and out of pockets and handbags. 

Display protection: the higher and bevelled frame protects the touch-screen. 

Easy Installation: The protective cover can be quickly and easily attached and removed again