Otterbox Alpha Glass Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector

  • £14.99

Otterbox Alpha Glass Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector

Clear skin- Clear layer show off your phone seek design 
Ultra Slim-Profile- Lightweight, virtually, invisible skin complements the sleek, lean lines of your phones. 
Scratch protection- Helps preserve your phone's condition while you're out and about.

Pixel perfect Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus screen protector resists scratches and shattering while maintaining touch sensitivity and display clarity. Tempered and polyester fortified glass is flawlessly clear and won't shatter.

Flawless clarity which maintains pristine image quality. Anti-shatter which fortified to avoid splintering and shattering. Includes precision tools for simple application.

OtterBox Alpha Glass - Screen protector - clear - for Samsung Galaxy S8+.When it comes to your phone it's not just about protection, it's also about you, your style, your personality and your life. The symmetry series diverts drops and impacts from your phone's beautiful display and preserves full touchscreen functionality leaving the entire face of your luxurious screen unobstructed in a slim and fashion-forward case.