Native Union CLIC Terrazzo Luxury Hand-Crafted Case Cover for iPhone X/Xs/Max

  • £29.99

Native Union CLIC Terrazzo Case Luxury Hand-Crafted Terrazzo Case Cover for iPhone X/Xs/Max Black/Rose

Brand-New / Retail Packaging
Optimal fit
Hand crafted with Jesmonite
Slim & protective

OPTIMAL FIT: Brand new construction for 2019 featuring a slimmer, lightweight frame that fits your iPhone X or iPhone XS beautifully and gives access to all ports and functions
HAND CRAFTED WITH JESMONITE: Smooth to the touch, this unique mineral finish adds an understated style to your everyday carry and guarantees that no two cases will be the same
SLIM & PROTECTIVE: Advanced shock-absorbing polymer frame dissipates energy on impact providing protection for your iPhone without the bulk
IPHONE X/XS CASE: Designed for the Apple iPhone XS and fully compatible with the iPhone X (WILL NOT FIT THE IPHONE XS MAX OR IPHONE XR)

Hand Crafted Terrazzo
Each of these handcrafted and precision engineered CLIC Terrazzo cases are completely unique thanks to its one-of-a-kind mineral terrazzo pattern. No two are the same. Made using Jesmonite.

Slim but strong
With its lightweight, form fitting design, CLIC Terrazzo provides protection for your iPhone without weighing it down while fitting comfortably in your pocket or hand