Monster CleanTouch Microfiber Clean Cloth - iPod, iPhone and iPad Compatible

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Monster 132762 CleanTouch Microfiber Clean Cloth - iPod, iPhone and iPad Compatible

Monster Clean Touch Cleaning Set 
Cleans touchscreen displays completely streak-free and removes annoying fingerprints 
The spray leaves a coating which means finger prints cannot be left on the display 
Anti-microbial cleaning cloth removes dangerous bacteria
Cleans smartphones and tablet devices reliably and quickly
Specifically developed for touchscreen devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Monster CleanTouch leaves a coating that rejects finger prints
Ultrasoft microfibre cleaning cloth with AEGIS anti-germ technology
Ideal for on the go with compact measurements
Includes carrying case for transporting and storage

Monster 132792 CleanTouch Cleaning Solution for Apple iPhone iPad iPod & Other Touchscreen Devices
 Do you use your smartphone or tablet device all day everyday? This smears the touchscreen relatively quickly, with fingerprints, dust and other 'deposits'. Monsters CleanTouch removes this dirt quickly and comfortably - without sliding, residue-free and without damaging the sensitive display protection layer. 
Specifically developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod, CleanTouch can also clean other devices with touchscreens, televisions, computer monitors, laptops and even spectacles clean and effectively. 
Wafer-thin protective film prevents fingerprints and scratches
CleanTouch doesn't just remove fingerprints, layers of dirt and annoying stripes, it also leaves a wafer-thin protective film, which prevents scratches and fingerprints. Thus, with each use, the screen becomes more resistant to fingerprints and no longer needs to be cleaned so often. 
Comfortable, even on the go
There is space in the carry case, which is included in delivery, for the light and compact CleanTouch spray bottle and the special Monster cleaning cloth. They are easy to take with you wherever you go. Quickly stored in your handbag, laptop case or even in your jacket pocket.
Special cleaning cloth kills germs and bacteria 
Touchscreens are an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria which can also be transferred to your hands and face. The ultrasoft microfibre cleaning cloth has AEGIS anti-germ technology that kills off up to 99.9 % of all disease-causing germs and bacteria. 

Box Includes:
Monster CleanTouch Cleaning Spray (20 ml)
Ultrasoft microfibre cleaning cloth with AEGIS anti-germ technology
Small carrying case