Lifeproof Next Clear Grey Case Rugged Drop Dirt Snow Proof Cover for Galaxy S9+

  • £14.99

Lifeproof Next Clear Pink Case Rugged Drop Dirt Snow Proof Cover for Samsung Galaxy S9+

Amplify the action: 
Because NËXT lets your phone resist water, it is free to focus on defending against tougher stuff - drops, dirt, dust and snow  

Refined styling: 
Screenless front, transparent back, colour halo - NËXT sets a standard of style with its subtle, strong profile  

Absolute access: 
Every button, control and feature that makes your smartphone stays the same inside NËXT. Wireless Charging - Qi Chargers (iPhone)  

Formed with a slim profile, the LifeProof NËXT case survives drops from 2 m, shields your smartphone ports, mic and speakers and blocks your smartphone from dirt, dust, snow and debris