i-Got-U Q-Band Bluetooth Activity Tracker Heart Rate Monitor with GPS Tracking

  • £14.99

i-Got-U Q-Band Bluetooth Activity Tracker Heart Rate Monitor with GPS Tracking 

- Activity tracker with an integrated heart rate monitor 
- Smartphone notifications on your wrist 
- Workout mode & Connected GPS 
- Everyday activity tracking and sleep analysis 
- Rechargeable lithium polymer battery 

Q-Band Q-66HR delivers continuous wrist-based heart rate and equipped with a high-brightness LED screen to display current time, number of steps, calories burned and many more via a simple touch on the button. Furthermore, an easy lift of your wrist* also triggers the display of current time on the screen when touching the button isn’t reachable. *You need to enable this function in mobile APP. 

Heart Rate Detection 
The built-in workout sensor can read the heart rate anytime as well as detecting it during workout, allowing you to plan your workout time and intensity. 

Sport Tracking and Connected GPS 
Q-Band Q-66HR synchronizes your workout routes and other information on mobile App, allowing you to check the analytical charts, add friends to encourage and share workout information with each other. The user-friendly interface offers workout data collection and analysis, as well as synchronization with Apple Health and Google Fit accounts. With GPS calibrated stride, it can achieve 95% accurate distance without mobile phone. 

Smart Notification 
Q-Band Q-66HR offers notifications of emails, calendar events, messaging, LINE, Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. Notifications will be alerted via the lit screen and vibration. When alerted an incoming call, Q-66HR will display the caller’s name or number, as well as allow call rejection (only avaialble with Android phones). In addition, Q-66HR will alert you via vibration if your phone is exceeding the transmission range, preventing you from forgetting about bringing your phone. 

Sleep Tracking and Silent Alarm 
Q-Band Q-66HR automatically tracks the length, intensity and quality of your sleep, so as to help you adopt a better sleep pattern. By setting the alarm clock in the smartphone app, Q-66HR will awake you via soundless vibration, allowing you to get up from a good-night sleep without a rush.