Griffin Survivor Adventure Protective Strong Wallet Case for iPhone 7/8 Plus

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Product Details
Griffin Survivor Adventure Protective Strong Wallet Case for iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus
8’ Drop Protection in a Rugged Wallet with Card Slots 
iPhone Wallet Case with 8’ drop protection 
Survivor Adventure Wallet delivers eight-foot drop protection for your iPhone 7 Plus. And a convenient, minimal folio wallet for you.  So you’re both ready for any adventure that comes your way. 
8-foot (2.4 meter) drop protection 
Survivor Adventure is engineered and drop-tested to meet or exceed U.S. DoD Mil-Std 810-G for device protection from impact, vibrations and shock.  That’s because Adventure’s built-in Impact Dispersion System is designed to deflect damaging impact safely away from your iPhone. 
Your wallet & your iPhone 7 Plus: Together at last 
Leave the bulk of your old wallet at home.  Survivor Adventure Wallet’s snap-on wallet cover is also a minimalist card holder for ID, bank cards, cash and more.  We’ve included a tab with concealed magnet to hold the the cover shut.  Finally, a front speaker opening lets you close the cover when you take a telephone call. 
Choices in a snap 
With Survivor Adventure Wallet, you’ve got options.  Starting with the folio wallet, you’ve got your iPhone 7 Plus and your wallet in one place. Unsnap the wallet cover and replace it with the included see-thru back plate for a smooth, sleek look.  And if you’re looking for the ultimate in slim protection, think about going backless – you’ve still got Survivor’s legendary protection from drops. 
Keep it all together with whatever Adventure you’re on with Survivor Adventure Wallet. 
*Also fits iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus