Gear4 Samsung Galaxy S8+ Battersea Case Cover with D30 Protection – Black

  • £6.99

Gear4 Battersea Case for Samsung Galaxy S8+ with D30 Protection – Black 

- Case with exclusive material in the world D3O  
- Extreme resistance to impacts of up to 3m  
- With a discreet and stylish design 
- D30 protection against up to 3 m high falls  
- Now Protects your smartphone with an additional 256% D3O   
- Polycarbonate back with soft-touch finish  
- Flexible TPU Frame for easier set-up 

The Battersea case from Gear4 is based on the latest technology d3o whose effectiveness is scientifically proven to be effective. Used not only by the ski olympic teams but also in the military field, this technology provides for your smartphone the ultimate impact protection.  

No other material offers a better guarantee against drops, knocks or bumps. All our cases from Gear4 are equipped with the latest generation of injectable D3O , the D3O and are both slim, stylish and highly protective to fit your lifestyle.  

The use of d3o , the case Battersea protects your smartphone from drops, shocks and bumps. It grips the eyes with its soft-touch finely textured surface which gives it a simple elegance. In the area of protection, Battersea goes much further than Piccadilly Gear4 as Battersea classical, this case protects your smartphone with an additional 256% D3O and is thus unbeatable. Take the opportunity now, you will thank us later. ' 

All ports/buttons are accessible with the d3o is a scientifically researched high-tech material and ideal for protecting your smartphone. The principle is very simple: when your smart phone falls, the impact is the strongest at the level of the impact. The D3O literally absorbs vibrations and neutralise the diffuse the energy released before it does not damage your phone. 'It should come as no surprise that this material is used in key areas such as equipment used by cyclists or professional football helmets.