Fresh 'n Rebel Caps Headphones Concrete | On-ear Wired Headphones with Remote

  • £20.17

Product Details
Fresh 'n Rebel Caps Headphones Concrete | On-ear Wired Headphones with Remote 
  • Official Fresh ‘n Rebel Product 
  • Retail Packaging 
  • Rich Sound & Deep Bass 
  • Collapsible Design 
  • Soft Material 
  • Audio Cable With Microphone & Remote 
FRESH ‘N REBEL CAPS HEADPHONES – TURN THE MUSIC UP! Tune in to a Fresh new beat with these eye-catching Fresh 'n Rebel Caps Headphones. Just like your favourite Fresh 'n Rebel speakers, the Caps Headphones are designed to maximise the potential of your audio, with the on-ear design delivering rich audio with deep bass alongside their cool, colourful visage. Train, plane or automobile, Fresh 'n Rebel Caps Headphones are as adventurous as your lifestyle. Ensuring that travel never has to come between you and your favourite tracks, closed-back engineering and plush, super-soft ear cushions ensure effective elimination of ambient interruptions whilst maintaining maximum comfort throughout the lengthiest of excursions. Put on your Caps Headphones and let the outside world melt away. IN TUNE. IN STYLE. With fully collapsible, fold-down ear-cups, the Fresh 'n Rebel Caps Headphones will be right at home in your travel bag or pocket, allowing you to experience full-sized, on-ear audio from a compact, travel-ready package. The coiled, tangle-resistant detachable cable and ultra-durable 90 jack connector permits immediate connection of the Caps to an entire repertoire of modern mobile devices as you find them fast becoming your favourite travel companion. An integrated in-line remote and microphone mean you needn't even remove your device from your pocket, permitting commands such as call answer/end and play/pause/skip to be effortlessly executed directly via the Caps in the simple touch of a button. 
RICH SOUND & DEEP BASS - Caps Headphones are on-ear headphones with a rich sound, deep bass and a cool design. 
COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN -  Caps Headphones sit comfortably on your head while the collapsible design makes them extra compact and easy to stow away when they're not needed. 
SOFT MATERIAL -  Soft ear cushions and comfortable headband. The closed-back design blocks out ambient noise in trains, planes & cars so you can listen to your favourite tracks while you're on the go. 
AUDIO CABLE WITH MICROPHONE & REMOTE - The coiled, detachable cable comes with an ultra-durable 90° jack connector and an integrated remote. 
BOX CONTAINS - 1 x Caps headphones;1 x 3.5mm audio cable with mic and remote