Crosley C100 Vinyl Record Player Turntable with Adjustable Pitch Control Silver

  • £149.99

Crosley C100 Vinyl Record Player Turntable with Adjustable Pitch Control – Silver

Adjustable pitch control and tone arm weight 
Diamond-tipped Audio Technica needle to pick up every detail 
Belt-driven mechanism allows the C100 to turn at two speed: 33 1/3-RPM and 45-RPM 
High tech ABS construction with transparent protective lid and anti-skate adjustment 
Adjustable pitch control and adjustable tone arm weight

Take a turn with the Crosley C100. 
The adjustable counterweight and smooth s-shaped curves of the aluminium tonearm will get in the groove with ease. Get flashy with the adjustable strobe pitch control and with a built-in pre-amp, the C100 is ready to rock with any powered speaker system. 
Step up to the next stage of the vinyl experience. High tech features and a sleek metallic body bring this analogue player back to the future. The C100 is loaded with a built in preamp, so out of the box it's ready to blast with powered speakers. Or, plug your own preamp in and flip a switch to have music on your terms. (and tones) Speakers plug in with RCA output ports, so you can customise your total music experience. 
Hi-tech, ABS construction gives the C100 a sleek, solid foundation. A transparent lid can be lifted up to control the tunes or shut to protect records and wandering hands from messing with careful adjustments. Using a belt-driven mechanism lets the C100 turn at two speeds to play 33 RPM LPs and 45 RPM singles. There's even a 45 adapter, so you're covered at either speed. The C100 comes equipped with a diamond-tipped Audio Technica needle to pick up every detail of every cut. 
Adjustable pitch control uses a strobe light beaming onto the platter dots to tame those finicky albums that tweak high or low, giving each note optimum sound. This curvy s-shaped tonearm is not going to have any of this skating nonsense, preserving your sound and your precious records. 

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Crosley C100 Turntable - Silver