Case It 2015 Macbook 12" Ultra Thin Hardshell Front and Back Cover - Black

  • £5.09

Product Details
Case It 2015 Macbook 12 inch Hardshell Front and Back Cover – Innovate  
Protect Your Device in Style 
Ensure that your Macbook stays in the best condition possible with the Caseit 2015 Macbook 12 inch Hardshell Front and Back Cover.  
Safe, Secure 
Carefully constructed from hard and tough materials that absorb shocks and bumps, the Caseit Macbook hardshell front and back keeps your laptop from suffering from the knocks of daily life. It will protect your Macbook from scratches and damage that could have otherwise meant a replacement would have been necessary. 
Made for your Laptop 
The Caseit Macbook hardshell has been specially designed so that the front and back cover join together to make sure that all essential elements of your Macbook are protected from outside elements. You can even choose between different colours to match your Macbook and style. 
About Caseit 
Whether you want subtle and sophisticated or bold and daring, chances are there's a Caseit cover to suit you. From bright, statement colours to classy, modest designs, our range of covers is so diverse you can alternate them to accommodate your mood and situation. What you'll always be getting though, is style, quality and protection.